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We are Sentors

Sentors consists of an experienced team in the field of image recognition, machine learning and ICT. We are excited about the current potential of these technologies, but get even more excited when putting them to use in practise.
We are dedicated to build easy and affordable solutions for shipping container recognition. From our physical presence in the (south of the) Netherlands, we are situated in the middle of large European logistical hubs where containers are an integral part of the business process.

Shipping containers

To get to easy and affordable solutions, we use commodity hardware  in combination with machine learning. This way, we turn this hardware into a powerful and flexible way to recognize containers from all sides and integrate this into existing GOS/TOS/WMS systems.
We have developed a modular approach where a single camera already suffices, but can also be extended to multiple cameras. This allows to meet the demands from all companies that handle containers, such as barge terminals, depots, warehouses and shippers.

Error reduction

Validate that the right containers are put on the right truck/trailer combination.

Time savings

Automatic data entry saves time for drivers and planners and allows for remote gate control.

Visual proof

Easily settle disputes around damages, and exact gate-in and gate-out times.

Improve operation

Allow (gate) automation and get insights in actual turnaround times.


Sander Maas

image recognition and

Ton van der Poel

ICT integration and



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