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We are Sentors, an experienced team
in the field of image recognition and ICT integration,
with a fresh and disruptive approach.

We deliver solutions to detect objects in camera images.
Think about letters/digits, stickers, containers, planks - basically all objects
as long as we can recognize them ourselves.

With our methodology we can learn new objects in an accessable and quick way.
A low-end camera and/or smartphone photos suffice since we are
using the latest machine learning software.
The result is image recognition that is suitable for practical usage,
and tailored to company-specific applications. 


Typical examples that are possible with our methodology


Letters/digits on containers, machine displays,
gauges, ... 


Stickers, logos, truck,
vans, ...


Type (A, B, C), position open/closed), state (new/rusted)


Bulkmaterial like scaffonding planks, barrels, ...


Fault control

An extra set of eyes to spot errors early on.
Examples: has the right container been put on the right chassis, does the number of planks deviate from the packing slip, ...?

Time & peak load savings

Automatic capturing of events saves time, and offloads employees during peak loads.
Example: automatic container entry saves time for driver and planners and avoids typing errors because of stress, ...

Capturing images

Proof to be used at disuped around damage and theft.
Example: were the doors sealed, was all equipment available when leaving the premises, ...

Empower personnel

Less repetitive work, use less skilled/experienced employees, and consistency across employees.



Company-specific applications

The goal is to recognize specific objects. Our starting point is pragmatic: no paper feasibilty studies, but a working prototype (smartphone app) is delivered in a short time to jointly discover what is feasible.
The recognition rate continuously improves because errors are fed back to the machine learning algorithms.


Product development

Some objects are relevant for many companies. When we see potential for re-usage, we'll generalize the solution so that our partners benefit from advantages of scale wrt development/maintenance/support.


ICT integration

We realize that image recognition is just a part in the chain. The results need to be integrated in the existing work flow, in a flawless and simple way.
Once in operation, it needs to keep on working and improved when needed.
Integration also means the re-usage of existing camera's and photos that are already used in the working proces.
Operations from private cloud, public cloud and even local hardware are all possible.


Sander Maas

image recognition and

Ton van der Poel

ICT integration and



Mgr. Hopmansstraat 2
BUas / Frontier building / Innovation square
4817 JS Breda, Netherlands 


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