Entry OCR

Easy entry into OCR technology is possible from 1 camera. Due to the modular approach, this can be expanded with multiple cameras to even complete portal solutions, also in a later phase.

Truck portal

At a portal, the truck and container are completely scanned. This ensures optimal performance through consistent imaging, complete video capture and redundancy in recognition.

Train portal

Just like with a truck portal, the container and wagon are fully scanned, including the wagon codes (UIC). This portal also has the advantages of consistency, performance, complete video capture and redundancy.


Cameras are mounted in the spreader, which look at the top of the container. This ensures real-time registration of the container codes. All spreader lock/unlock actions are saved, and any damage to the roofs is recorded on video.

Webservice (API)


The web service is a service that does not require physical cameras. A photo is sent from (for example) an app. The photos are analyzed in the back-end, and the recognized codes are sent back to the app. All in a split second!



The reach stacker solution is currently being tested at multiple locations. In addition to container recognition, height and location are also measured. This solution ensures that all container actions are registered, including the 3D stack positions.

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